It rhymes with flirty

I had a birthday yesterday. I can hardly bear to type the age that I turned, but I can say that it rhymes with flirty and frightens me greatly. The years of true youth are behind me! How can I go on??!! However, I am also trying to relish in the fact that I am the-age-that-shall-not-be-named since, GUESS WHAT? At this age nobody can tell me what to do and this pleases me. So, I suppose it's a trade off. The years of smooth skin and fast metabolism traded for the years of I DO WHAT I WANT I"M A FREAKING GROWN UP. And since I do what I want I'll also probably just go ahead and tell people I'm 28 for a little longer. TRY AND STOP ME I"M THIRTY THERE I SAID IT. (Sorry. Birthdays make me capsy.)

Also, speaking of thirty and flirty, THIS top! Am I right? A new fave. 
Now go ahead and have a great Wednesday. 

Top: c/o SheInside
Pants: Kohls (similar)