Summer 4ever

It happened. I saw my first FB post of the year over the weekend where someone expressed how excited they were for, and I quote, ", scarves, and pumpkin everything!" Yes, it's true. The first signs of fall used to be the leaves changing and the temperatures dropping, but now, thanks to the social medias, the first sign of fall is most definitely an overzealous friend-of-a-friend jumping the gun and wishing away t-shirts for sweaters in their status updates. NOT ME. I hereby declare for all the internets to hear that I want summer FOREVER. Yes, yes, I love the fall and give me pumpkin or give me death, but guys, suuuuummer. It's so good.

So, here I am in my bright, flowy summery clothes and SANDALS (the best kind of shoe in the whole wide world) as a sign that fall can wait. So cool it, friends of friends on FB. I just want to hear about you going to the gym and your trips to Las Vegas and that's IT. That's what FB is for. I asked for the news, not the weather.

Summer 4ever.
Shirt: c/o Modbod
Skirt: c/o Our World Boutique
Necklace: c/o Oasap
Sandals: $15 Target