PLG Loves: Combi Travel System

It has been a week since my last post about newborn life which means I have now had a baby at home for two weeks and it's safe to say that my mind has been blown. And I don't mean just kinda blown... I mean full-fledged panic attacks, laying on my bed in the fetal position, sobbing my brains out, and maybe (just maybe) GIVE ME some medication kinda blown. If I'm being real, it took me about six seconds after getting home to have a complete meltdown because OMG I AM A MOM NOW AND I HAVE TO KEEP THIS THING ALIVE AND HE'S CRYING WHAT DOES THAT MEEEAN. So, sure, it hasn't been pure bliss, but I love the heck outta that baby and every day is better than the last. Plus, I SO prefer having him home instead of in the hospital like we had been doing for the last four months. Except for the nurses. Give me allll the nurses, 24/7. I love you.

One day while I was in the depths of new mom despair, my inspired husband suggested that we try out our stroller, go around the neighborhood, and get some fresh air in an attempt to get me to calm the heck down. That's when the miracle happened. And that's when we learned that taking the babe for a walk guarantees us 30+ minutes of cry-free, not needing to be held, peaceful baby time, and it has quickly become my favorite part of the day. I can honestly say that I don't know what my mental state would be at this point without our daily walks, which wouldn't be possible without our Combi Travel System (Cosmo stroller + Shuttle infant car seat). I love this thing and how easy it is to snap the car seat into the stroller and be on our way. I also think it's super cute, and I feel like a total babe walking around town pushing it. Jk. But I do feel kinda normal again and that is as close as I'm getting to babedom right now and I'll take what I can get. Have a look:

So, here's to another week of surviving motherhood, or long hours at work, or whatever else this wacked out life might be throwing at you. If it helps, I recommend taking a walk. We can go together. Crying whilst walking is encouraged. Also, peanut butter m&ms whilst walking. But you gotta bring those if you come. Like I have a free second to go to the store right now.

xo, Sam

Travel System (Cosmo stroller + Shuttle infant car seat): c/o Combi
Dress: c/o Abaday
Shoes: $5 Walmart

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