Killin' It

I love a shirt that gives you goals. For instance, when I wore this shirt over the weekend I was not killin' a thing, and I certainly wasn't killin' "it." Like, if I had made the shirt it would probably have just said "Ya, I see 'it' over there but I'm tired and I have some peanut butter stuck in my hair from making lunch that I haven't had time to wash out so I'll probably just stay over here and look at 'it' for now if that's okay with you."

So ya, I'm a poser in a killin' it shirt, but it gives me something to reach for. Like right now I don't really want to kill anything, I just want to be awesome enough that "it" gets mildly injured, ya know? Like I said...goals.

In related news, it's almost as though my son knew he was needed to increase my coolness level for this one so he came out while we were taking pictures in his shades to keep the paparazzi away, with a flat rate box in case he needs to ship something right away. Killin' it. 

ox. Liz

Top: c/o Style Lately
Necklace: c/o Our World Boutique
Skirt: $5.99 ROSS
Shoes: c/o Footzyfolds