How to become a billionaire.

Hi guys. It's me, Sam. Ya, things are a little wild and crazy for me these days (i.e. new mom, work full-time, blogger, etc.) so here's what I do in the dressing department. I put on pants. I put on a shirt. Then, I statement necklace.

Yes, we're still talking about statement necklaces here but I can't help it because it's so easy and so good. You put on a statement necklace, you look like you tried. Studies show that people tend to respond well to people who look like they tried. Like, they climb ladders quickly and become billionaires (it's science, I'm pretty sure). You are making a statement after all, and statements of the cute variety are my favorite kind. So put on your pants, put on your shirt, and go become a billionaire. I'll help you.

Theeeeese babies are all under $9. Make a statement, sister.

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ox. Sam

Shirt: c/o 6ks
Necklace: c/o Oasap
Pants: $2 Old Navy
Sandals: $12 Target