Covering Bases.

I can't even count how many posts we've done where we've discussed clothes that are basically pajama's masquerading as real clothes. Leggings and tunics, oversized sweaters and jeggings, harem pants and tees, we do not discriminate and love them all wholeheartedly and equally. So, shall I save you the build-up and just tell you that clothes like I am wearing today that are basically pj's but are socially acceptable are awesome? Ok. They are. Plus, these one's have colored leopard print so I've pretty much covered all my favorite dressing bases. Which probably leads to the perfect baseball analogy about this outfit being a home run or something but I"m too comfy to come up with it. PJ clothes 4ever.

Happy Tuesday!

Shirt: c/o Abaday
Pants: c/o SheInside
Shoes: $16 Payless