Taking steps

Over the weekend we hit our 100th day in the NICU. 100 days. Can you believe that? We had cake to celebrate and put a little bit of frosting on baby boy's lips. Then he cried. The next day we were whisked away from the dear people at our hospital where we had spent those bittersweet 100 days and were sent to another hospital father away but more equipped for a few things that will hopefully get our baby home sooner. We still don't know how much longer we have, but it feels like a step. And steps mean progress.

Speaking of steps, taking them in plum wedges with bows seems to make things a little more bearable. Sometimes you just have put on a fabulous dress, statement necklace, and sassy shoes to give yourself a boost when life gets to be a little bit of a drag. And if that's what it takes to find some joy during a difficult circumstance, then that's what it takes.

Happy Monday! xo, Sam

Dress: c/o 6ks
Necklace: $8 Kohls
Shoes: $30 UrganOG.com