PLA Poll!

It's the mooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeeear.....

Ok, yes, Christmas is lovely and all, but I'm talkin about PLA Poll time! I live for PLA polls because it gives you, our clever and opinionated readers, the opportunity to sound off on the seasons most trendy fads. Hate them? Love them? Would you like to wear them? Would you like to burn them? Give us ALL you got. Then, we'll share our own opinions, some of our favorites of your opinions, and the results of the poll in an upcoming post. 

So, without further ado, here are some trends that are hot hot hot for spring. Take a gander, then take a trip to the comments and let us know all your feels. Can't wait to hear your thoughts! Now GO. 


Now, to the comments with you!
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ox. Liz

(All images found via Pinterest.)