The Chinese Incident.

Last night, after a crazy day with a nap-boycotting toddler and sweet newborn who naps plenty but keeps me up all night which makes me really cranky during the day when I must deal with said nap-boycotting toddler, I decided to order Chinese food for dinner. So I did that. Then I changed some diapers, fed some babies, cleaned some messes, changed more diapers, cleaned more messes, and put babies to bed. All of this made me really hungry so I sat down to have a bowl of cereal with my husband. Then the doorbell rang. It was the Chinese food. That I ordered earlier. But forgot about. Can you believe it??!!??

Okay, maybe this doesn't seem like anything to you. Maybe you feel that this little incident of forgetfulness is barely worthy of discussion. However, if you know me AT ALL then you know that the fact that I ordered FOOD and then forgot that THAT FOOD WAS COMING TO MY HOUSE SOON is a huge red flag as to the current well-being of my psyche. Huge. I mean, normally after ordering food to be delivered to me I sit on the edge of the side of the couch closest to the front door with money in hand and I don't even lean back because I want to be READY when that knock comes. I don't even lean back, guys. 

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, I'm pretty tired. Also, there's lots of Chinese food here today so if you want to come over for lunch you can. Just plan on changing some diapers while I rest my eyes. K? 


Tee: c/o SheInside
Scarf: Old Navy 3.99
Jacket: ROSS (forevs ago)
Jeans: Charlotte Russe 19.99
Flats: Target 9.99