Dress Week // Part 2

Well, hi there! Dress week continues here on the PLA and on this, the second dress post of dress week I am wearing the dress seen 'round the blog world. LOTS blogger hotties have worn this dress. See here: Madeline, Corilynn, and Brittany.

Now, aside from its obvious cuteness, I would suspect that the popularity of this dress has something to do with the fact that this sucker is a steal (under $30) and has a cut that could flatter just about anybody. Also, it's soooo ladylike which totally fits me, the girl who considers hot dogs to pretty much be a food group, and the most delicious one. So, ya, the dress seen 'round the blog world is a good one. I mean, it helps solidify my mantra: Look like a lady, eat like a trucker. 

ox. Liz
Dress: c/o 6ks
Necklace: NY&Co 12.99
Shoes: Sheikh Shoes 14.99