Could It Be?

Could it be? Is it really almost Spring out there? I mean, I reaaaally hate to jump the gun since Mother Nature can be a total B sometimes with the way she leads us on, but man, does the forecast around here this week look promising. However, I shall try to stay calm and not jump said gun because I know better. Like, not assuming a baby is really asleep in their crib just because they are quiet (They aren't asleep. They have probably escaped the crib and are covering themselves with diaper rash cream.) or thinking a speaker in church is wrapping up (They aren't wrapping up. They are still going to go on and on. And on.). But, whether we are being teased by Mother Nature or not, I choose to pull the brights from my wardrobe and start shedding all the grays, because no matter the weather we can always have springtime in our hearts. 

(But really, Mother Nature, I can only be ok with that "springtime in your heart" nonsense for so long. Give me the sunshine and tulips soon OR ELSE.)


Top: c/o Oasap
Necklace: c/o Oasap
Shoes: c/o White Plum
Bag: DIY (find the tutorial here!)
Jeans: Kohls 19.99