No, there is nothing wrong with your computer. Yes, all I did in today's post is put up the same picture twice, and that's, ya know, all there is to this outfit post. But I have an explanation...

If you follow me on Instagram (@pla_sam &/or @pla_liz), you probably saw that we bought a house a couple weeks ago (our first house!!) which has been exciting and fun and stressful and frustrating all at the same time. As a result, I have been totally bombarded by all of the drama that comes with such a purchase. Case in point - on Sunday we came home from church, and I immediately pestered my husband to take pictures of my outfit. Before we went outside to take the pics, we turned on the oven (for the first time) to preheat for dinner. We went into the backyard and, after taking one measly photo, started smelling gas coming from inside. So we dropped the camera, ran inside, turned off the oven and got distracted by the life of a home owner, which apparently is also the life of trying not to let your house explode.

So I hereby present you with the single outfit picture from Sunday. I would say I won't let it happen again but I'm not going to since soon there will also be a tiny baby added to the chaos whom I will also have to make sure does not explode. So, at least this time, do you forgive me? You do? Bless your understanding heart.

Now, go have such a lovely (explosion-free) weekend! You deserve it.
xo, Sam

Dress: c/o Oasap
Belt: c/o Violet Hill Boutique
Tights: Gift Kohls
Shoes: $14.99 Ross