The Maternity Dress.

SO many baby bellies on this blog these's just plain weird. When we started PLA neither of us had kids/were ready for kids/or knew anything about carrying around baby bellies, except for the food kind. Oh, food babies. Those I could write a dissertation on. Likely with an entire section on my favorite burrito at Cafe Rio. However, now Liz has one baby on the outside and one on the inside, and I have one on the inside and it's really something else they way that lives just move on so fast.

For instance, a couple of years ago I never thought I would be posting today in my first maternity dress, which I happen to be wearing because there's a baby inside of me. That I shall birth. And raise. But I AM wearing a maternity dress, and I like it, and I don't care who knows it. Roomy, flowy, plenty of space for expansion, and cute. I love. This one in particular is from a lovely maternity line called Everly Grey, which consequently would also make a great baby name, and happens to make one heck of a great dress. A dress, which I would suspect, would also be great for hiding the aforementioned food-baby should you not be currently expecting, and is a topic in which I could surely add to my food-baby dissertation. Section 4: How to disguise the 2.5 burritos you ate at lunch with ease and cuteness. 

I know. Sometimes I even surprise myself with my genius.
xo, Sam

Dress: c/o Everly Grey
Necklace: c/o Nestled
Cardigan: $9 Eddie Bauer Outlet
Flats: $12 Old Navy