On week 33...

My thoughts on the miracle of life on this, the 33rd week of my pregnancy : 

1. I'm so pregnant. Just sooo pregnant. I never stand up without groaning, I get in the car in the middle of the day with the sole intention to get an ice cream sundae at DQ, and my brain has given up on processing thought. In fact, this post was nearly just a bunch of emojis in the shape of ice cream at first, i.e.=

...but then I thought you deserved better. 

2. I'm having a girl. Hypothetically, if you were having a girl, what would her name be? I'm asking for a friend. Promise. 

3. Full disclosure: There may or may not have been shapewear of the industrial variety worn in the above pictures in order to keep me from looking like a complete can of busted biscuits in this dress. And by may I mean, yes, there most definitely was shapewear employed. #realtalk

4. Even though I've done it once before, I still lie in bed wondering how I am expected to get this child out of me. Like, just, push it out? Really? Has science still not figured a better way since my last time? Like baby teleportation or something? Scientists, where you at? 


What's on your mind? 

Dress: c/o Sheinside 
Coat: c/o Sheinside
Leggings: ROSS 4.99
Boots: UrbanOG 16.99
Necklace: Rue21 4.99