Can we talk about this vest? It's adorbs. It's quilted. It's lined in cozy sheepskin. The pattern is cute as heck. For me, it's been a long time since I have worn a vest. I see other people layering with them all the time and think they look fab, so I ordered myself this little number, and I love it. But, it feels wrong on me, possibly because it barely zips over this basketball I'm packing around these days. And, it being brand new and all, and also sold out on the site I ordered it from, I feel sad for it just hanging there in my closet, not living up to its full potential. 

It's a traVESTy. 

Therefore, I want to give it to you. Do you want it? I think it wants you, and you would look super cute in it. So, if you want it, leave me a comment telling me why I should send it to you, or using the word vest as a pun, or in a haiku, or just telling me what you are eating today, and I will pick someone by the end of the week to send it to. Now that's a return on your blog-reading inVESTment. 


P.S. Vest specs: In case you are thinking you want it, the vest is categorized by Sheinside as "one size." You can find the exact measurements here as well as pictures and other info. I would say it fits like a Medium, and I was able to get it zipped up at my current girth, just not comfortably. Also, I wore it once for a few hours to take these pictures and go to lunch so it's mostly new. The end and good luck! 

Vest: c/o Sheinside
Blouse: ROSS 8.99
Scarf: Gift
Jeans: Charlotte Russe 19.99
Boots: Amazon 24.99