Grey on grey.

Oh, the colorless Utah winter weather that is the background of this picture, how you get me down. Every shade of grey you can imagine permeates the outside world this time of year where I live, and it's not pretty. I mean, you'd think that tossing on some wild leggings and a sweater in the color of blue sky would help to perk things up, but somehow even this outfit seems to be brought down by the underwhelming weather. If only I could figure out my idea for bottling up sunshine for times like this, then maybe I would feel better AND I would be a bajillionaire. Which would mean that I probably wouldn't even care that it was this grey outside because I would be so rich from all of the poor, suffering, Utah winter people buying my sunshine-in-a-jars that I wouldn't even care that it was grey outside because I would be inside swimming in my indoor pool filled with MONEY.

Anyway. How are YOU beating the mid-January blues? If you're going to say multiple trips to Sonic for multiple Ocean-Water slushes in a really hot car to try and pretend it's summer, don't bother. I've tried it.


Sweater: c/o Oasap
T-Shirt: $4 Kohls
Leggings: c/o Persun
Boots: $45 Call It Spring
Necklace: $8 Kohls