New Years Stripes.

Christmas has come on gone! Can you believe? We'll try our hardest not to dwell on it except to say that we hope yours was maaaagical! Ours was quite wonderful and fast and happy and of course we ate ourselves into oblivion so it was merry indeed.

Now, if we were following standard blogger protocol, today we would probably be listing our New Year's goals or something about new beginnings or how I'm going to try to be a better person or whatever, but I'm just not ready for it. I'm just trying to bask in the afterglow of Christmas, and 2013, and maybe sometime in March I'll start trying to be a better person. I mean, that's about when everyone else has given up on their resolutions so the world will surely be in need of my goodness then.

Plus, Liz is still in town for one more week and there are movies to see and shopping to do so I've got no time for goals. Priorities. 

Are you making any resolutions for the new year? I'll just go ahead and say that one of mine is to wear more stripes and yellow coats, so yaaaa, I'm nailing it. 


Coat: c/o SheInside
Dress: c/o SheInside
Necklace: $8 Kohls
Leggings: $12 Kohls
Boots: $45 Call It Spring