Sick Day.

My son has what WebMD calls "Hand, foot, and mouth Disease." Gross, huh? However, I like to call it "Make everrrryone who lives with you miserable Disease," because, I am. No sleep for anyone, sick, sick, whiny babe, and I haven't been able to put real pants on since Saturday. Although, I only complain about the pants part so that society does not judge me for my sweatpants-clad state. But really, that's the ONLY perk of having ailing offspring. 

Therefore, as a result of our disease-ridden home, perhaps you'll cut us some slack over here in the W quarantine for my current inability to contribute worthwhile content to this post today. After all, the only things I know about the outside world are what twitter tells me while we watch Super Why AGAIN. Which are:

A. JLaws haircut. Guys. Is it good or is it Gosselin-y? Please discuss. 
B. At approximately 4:15 am I came across this tweet which almost made being up at 4:15 make sense. YES INTERNETS. 
C. We have two ridiculously good giveaways happening right now. Have you entered? Especially the Annie Jean $50 gift card giveaway, which ends TOMORROW and is the very shop where I got this faaaab cardi that I want to swaddle myself everyday. 

Ok. That's it. I must now return to my position as nurse/sweatpants wearer. If you are out there in the real world today, in real pants, contributing to society, will you live it up extra good for me today? I mean, go to Chik-fil-A, talk to other grown up humans, really LIVE. Thanks guys. 


Cardi: c/o Annie Jean Apparel 
Jeans: Charlotte Russe: 19.99
Boots: Amazon 24.99
Scarf: DIY