PLA DIY: Hand-Stamped Heart Apron for your HolidayCooking/Gifting/EATING!

Next week is the holiday where we cook our brains out, followed shortly by the month where we bake our brains out. We need to look cute whilst doing so. Therefore, I bring you one of the easiest DIY's ever found on this blog, the hand-stamped heart apron. Perfect for covering your clothes while cooking and/or eating and still looking adorbz during the holidays, or to make as a pretty and fun gift for the hostesses/chefs/bakers in your life. 

Here's what I did: 

You will need: 

Then, I stamped. I started out trying to have the hearts in even lines, then that got too hard so I just stamped wherever I wanted. Measuring out straight lines makes me sad. Hearts all over makes me happy. 

Next, I used the craft brush to paint the binding on the edge and the ties at the neck and waist. This is the only part of this tutorial that takes a minute of two of concentration. Be sure to eat a snack first. 

Let dry!

 Last, put it on and go model it outside. This will make the food taste better:

You're done! Go wear! Go bake! Invite me over if it's something with chocolate!