On November.

November! What a good month. I mean, we enter it on a Halloween sugar-high and it comes to a close after celebrating a holiday that revolves around  FEASTING. Yes. November is my month. Plus, I just so happen to be prego this year during these holiday months which is pretty much the perfect storm, and y'all, I'm ready to ride the wave. After all, I have a baby to nourish. Bring me all the baked things. 

And, if there was any question remaining as to the perfection of this month, let me remind you that it only gets colder in November which requires more layers, which will also assist in covering up real or pie babies. I mean, look at the perfection of this coat! Maybe there is a prego belly in there. Maybe there is a juicy turkey. I'll never tell. 

So I say welcome, November. I greet you with open arms/stomach. Stay awhile. 

OX. Liz

Coat: c/o SheInside
Pants: c/o SheInside
Boots: ROSS 24.99