Aztec print and deserted land

Don't let these pictures fool you... I know it looks like I am standing in a warm sunny desert. But no. No no. It was about 36 degrees when we took these pictures and that is no exaggeration. 36 degrees, people! I am NOT ready for that kinda chilliness. Especially at the beginning of November. There is nothing to justify that kind of weather right now. No more colorful leaves, no snow, no Christmas music. Just frigid cold and that's it.

So I decided to wear this cute Aztec shirt from Annie Jean Apparel to trick myself into thinking that I actually was running around in the warm desert because Aztec print and deserted land just seem to go together, ya know? And also wearing a cute shirt always helps me get over the cold weather blues.

Have a great day!
xo, Sam

PS - If you love this shirt as much as I do, we have a giveaway from Annie Jean coming tomorrow, so make sure you come back and enter!

Blouse: co/Annie Jean Apparel
Necklace: co/GroopDealz
Pants: $15 Charlotte Russe
Boots: $45 Call It Spring