Steal or Splurge

If you are planning on doing some fall/winter/holiday shopping, we want to make sure you get the most for your money! It might take some searching, but we believe you can almost always find a cheaper version of that darling shirt you have been eyeing, or those boots that you just have to have.

So we decided to take some popular items we have been seeing a lot of on Pinterest, blogs, Instagram etc. and find a cheaper version. Here is what we came up with.

Pretty impressive right? Can you believe that if you went with the STEAL version, you could buy four outfits for less than the price of the SPLURGE?! FOUR! While still looking waaayyyyyyy cute. And who wouldn't choose four outfits over one? I really don't know. Here is the breakdown of each item:

Bauble Bar necklace $38 | GoJane necklace $16.90

J.Crew Vest $138 | Shopko Vest $17.99

Seychelle Booties $130 | Bamboo Booties $35.40

Madewell shirt $74 | Forever21 shirt $19.80

Have an item you just looooove but can't afford? Let us know and we can share our cheaper finds in our next Steal or Splurge post!

Have a great day!
xo, Sam