PLA DIY: The Envelope Clutch

This week's DIY was inspired by this pin that I keep seeing over and over in my feed. That polka dot clutch! I need! So, as a result of my obsession I scoured the internets for further inspiration to make one myself, and as it turns out, if you can sew a straight line you can make an envelope clutch. For real! Plus, I found my pleather fabric in the scrap bins at my local Joann and was able to make two different styles of clutches for under $5! I plan to use one for date nights and one for my tiny laptop which fits perfectly in it. And guys, Christmas is coming. iPads need carrying cases. Hot friends need hot envelope clutches. This may be your DIY gift you have been waiting for. Let's begin. 

What you need: 

-Pleather Fabric (Check the scrap bins at your craft store! I was able to find enough to make 2 for $4)
-Acrylic Paint + Paint Brush + Painters Tape
-Brads (I just used the kind from the scrapbook section at Joann)
-Thread + Sewing Machine

How it's made:

To make mine I followed these great instructions from Swell Mayde. The measurements and steps for putting the clutches together are so easy and worked great!

The only thing I did differently from these directions is that I didn't make a template first, I just cut away on account of my being a lazy crafter. I also chose to leave a small seam allowance on the flap to fold under and sew to get rid of unfinished edges. However, if you leave yours unfinished with this kind of plastic it doesn't make a huge difference because it holds its shape so well. And people. I cannot tell a lie. These are SO easy. Seriously an under 20 minute situation to cut and sew together. You can make them during an episode of Friends and still have time to get up for a snack before it is over.

Once you have put the clutches together it is time to embellish! All I did was slap some painter's tape on one, painted the green stripe, then added a gold button. On the other I used a tack to poke holes and add the scrapbook brads. SO easy and so cute. These suckers are sturdy and fashionable and sooo simple to put together. I love! Here they are in action: 

Are you "clutching" your chest with excitement?? I thought so.
Make these! You'll love.

ox. Liz