Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! Here are our Five Things!

1. Every single hair tutorial from Hair and Makeup by Steph. This girl has MAD skills. Her tutorials are totally doable. And she is super pretty. I am also extremely proud to say I know this hair/makeup rockstar in real life. I know, I know. She is pretty much a hair celebrity. If you were wondering, she is really really cool.

(1, 2, 3)

2. This recipe for Apple Pie Muddy Buddies. I love Muddy Buddies... but remember the days when there was one way to make them? The chocolate peanut butter powdered sugar kind? Well those days are long gone and now there are infinite numbers of recipes for Muddy Buddies. Including this one. Which looks and sounds SO yum. See?

 Apple Pie Muddy Buddies

3. This DIY for Marbled Pumpkins. This project is seriously cool. Put some water in a bowl, add some nail polish and swirl. Then dip the pumpkins! But really, check the blog for details so I don't mess you up. Aren't these the most glam pumpkins you have ever seen?!


4. The "Shop the Look" feature from Groopdealz. They put together darling outfits, like the one below, and you can shop for every item pictured. And get this... you can get this entire outfit for under $60!! Can you believe? Is this not THE most perfect fall outfit you have ever seen? Get shopping!

(Blouse, Skirt, Shoes)

5. The song I Choose You by our girl Sara B. This one is for all you lovebirds out there, and especially for our very special Aunt Nancy, who is getting married this weekend! She has been such a role model of ours and we couldn't love her more. There is no one more beautiful, hilarious, loving, and deserving of the happiness she has found. This sweet love song has the perfect message for her and her new husband as they start their lives together.

Have a great weekend!
xo, Sam

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