Elephants, Day 2.

Shall we just go ahead and continue the hilarity that Liz began yesterday? (And by hilarity, I mean mediocre children's jokes?) We are having ourselves another elephant day today and I hate to miss an opportunity to 1. Stay on theme, and 2. Tell a classic/priceless/uproarious joke. So, buckle up. 

What has a fairy Godmother, wears glass slippers, and weighs over 4,000 pounds? Oh, that'd be a CINDERELEPHANT. 

Money. In. The. Bank. Just make sure that if you go on telling that one to all of your friends (which you are sure to do) that you attribute any and all credit to me, Sam of PLA. 

Happy Elephant Day 2! (Or, ya know, Thursday.)
ox/ Sam

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