Mind Blown

Dress: co/ZLZ
Necklace: co/Oasap
Shoes: Ross $16

This dress.

It is the dress of my dreams. Polka dots. Perfect length. Waist-accentuating. Flowy. The fabric doesn't wrinkle. Sleeves. Twirls really good. Etc.

Also, it makes me feel like a 50s housewife, which I mean, girl power aside cuz I totally agree with some of that stuff, I really wouldn't mind being. And speaking of houses, husband and I are more or less house shopping right now and we looked at our first house last night. MIND BLOWN. I felt like a little baby in an adult world. Loans and insurances and negotiations and realtors and closing costs. Whoa.

But really, after living in the same apartment for over four years, I can't even imagine having enough space to, like, put my vaccuum in a closet or something. We are bursting at the seams here. Any tips for house shopping would be very very VERY appreciated.

Happy Wednesday!
xo, Sam