Year 6.

 Top: c/o SheInside
Jeans: Kohls 19.99
Flats: Target 6.99
Scarf: TJ Maxx 8.99
Purse: c/o Daily Frills

It was mine and my husband's 6 year wedding anniversary this weekend, folks! We celebrated by totally forgetting about it, followed by being unable to conjure up a babysitter for a date night after remembering at the last minute, and capped it off with a fine afternoon of nap boycotting from our tantrum-throwing toddler. 


It's fine though, because I really like my husband and the baby boy we made, and who needs bells and whistles to celebrate when you have your people around you and some cookie dough in the freezer? Plus, it was 60 degrees here and I got to wear a scarf for a real reason and that is kind of a bells and whistles situation in itself. 

So, bring it year 7! Obviously, year six was HOT so you're sure to be sexy as heck!

Also, love you Ad. Thanks for taking all my freaking pictures for this blog and being so beyond supportive. You are a dream to be married to. 

ox. Liz