This Weekend.

Top: c/o Oasap
Jeans: DIY (Find the tutorial here)
Flats: ROSS 8.99

It's Saturdayyyyy! But not just any Saturday, since, in my town it's student move-in weekend for Penn State which means a mass exodus of undergrad boys in neon tank tops and girls in rompers are ascending on what has been the most enjoyably quiet little town all summer. 


Those rascals cause me heartache, making the lines at Target and DQ a lot longer and being a general reminder that I am very much not in the 18-24 age bracket anymore. Not my fave. Therefore we have hereby hit the road this weekend on a little adventure in New York State to visit Palmyra, Rochester, and Niagra Falls in an attempt to postpone any signs of the awful reality that school starts Monday, summer has slipped away, and our town has been repopulated with a bunch of Ke$ha lovers.

Silver lining? The leaves were changing ever so slightly as we road tripped through PA and NY. This doesn't make up for the long wait at DQ to get a Snickers Blizzard with chocolate ice cream and extra Snickers, I'm just trying to see the cup as a little full here.

Summer it up this weekend! Hope it's a good one wherever you are!

OX. Liz