Liz Wears It // Sam Wears It

You know those cracked out shows like Maury where they are always testing whatever sister to see if they are related to whatever other sister who they just found out might be their sister because they found our that their actual mother was not who they thought their mother was and Maury brought them all together to test out the situation and also maybe find some way to make them get in a fist fight? Well, I now know that there is no reason to mess with figuring out that stuff with tests in a lab to see if they are really sisters, all you gotta do is send them off shopping, see if they come back with matching stuff and BAM, we are faaaaamily (or not).

Case in point, today's post. You see, Sam and I recently shopped online separately at different stores and ended up buying the same shirt just in different colors. If you and I were in the same room together as I was telling you this story, this would be the part where I would pause to sing you some of the "Sisters" song from White Christmas. Sisters we are, indeed. The shirts don't lie.

Here's how Liz wore it and Sam wore it:

Liz Outfit Details: 
Top: c/o ZLZ 
Jacket: Thrifted $3.50
Skirt: Embelle Boutique $12
Shoes: Old Navy $5.99

Sam Outfit Details:
Top: co/Chicnova 
Pants: Old Navy $12
Flats: Ross $16
Watch: Target $15

You may now vote in the comments about who wore it better. Just remember how much more I love you then Sam does. She told me. (Insert Maury-style fist-fight here.)