JSYK: A Bunch of Dang Cute Backpacks for $13.50 or LESS!

School supply seeeeeeason! Now, as much as I hate to see summer winding down, I am such a freaking girl about this sort of thing and loooove to see all the aisles of school supplies pop up front and center in the grocery store. Pencils! Notebooks! Backpacks! And while I am still a student and am entering my last year of work on my Master's degree, I will be doing most of my work online and cannot justify buying a backpack that I technically don't need. Technically.

However, I have hereby scoured the internets and have found a bunch of pretty perfect backpacks for $13.50 or LOTS less, making it possible to get my backpack on. Literally. Technicalities, schmecknicalities.

So, school supply lovers, rejoice! You can now pack your back all you want without hurting your wallet. Have a look:

Find them here:
  Striped: $13.50 // Floral: $12.96 
 Horses: $9.95 // Tribal: $13.50 
 Floral: $12.96 // Aztec: $7.99 
Striped: $13.50 // Ikat: $9.95