It's gonna be good.

Jacket: co/SheInside
Top: co/Persun
Leggings: co/We Love Colors
Boots: Kohls $30

I generally try to avoid any moaning and groaning in life, and especially on this blog, because no one likes a complainer, downer, or belly acher. And really, life is so good. But today I am going to let it out.

I had a TOUGH week last week. Work... tough. Health... tough. Future plans... tough. Keeping up with the day to day... tough. When it rain it pours, ya know?

So, to counter the toughness of last week, I decided to dress tough today. That equals combat boots, distressed denim, studded bracelets, aztec print, bold red leggings, and way cool sunglasses that you can't see in these pictures. But let's just say, I look freakin' tough. So down with last week! It's a new one, and it's gonna be good. And if it's not, you can expect to see me in my combat boots again next Monday.

Have a great day!
xo, Sam