Extra! Extra!

Ok, maybe I am using the term "news" a tiny bit liberally here, but still, we've got some stuff to talk about. You see, lately S and I have felt major pressure to evolve this blog away from being anonymous and we almost, alllllmost did it. But, after a lot of soul searching we have decided that this blog was created anonymously, and anonymous it will stay for now. The reasons for this are two-fold. #1 We aren't models. Also, what DO you do with your face when someone is taking a picture of it? Does anyone know? #2. Well, that's pretty much the main reason. However, we have decided to make two changes to the blog and it's appendages to help connect with you all a little more, instead of keeping you at arms length with our anonymous existence. So. Here we go.

 #1. Our names are Sam (S) and Liz (W). Hi.

 #2. If you choose to follow us on Instagram, you should know that those will no longer be anonymous, and from time to time we will be showing our faces on them from now on. However, if you would like to remain in the dark about what we look like, etc., we will not be offended if you decide to unfollow in order to keep the mystery alive. There are a couple of reasons for this decision, the first being that Insta is one of the few social media outlets we both use regularly and, as a result, we want to begin to use it to keep in better touch more thoroughly with our friends and family members who also use it. The second reason is to give you, dear reader, the opportunity to get to know us better by letting you into our lives a little more if you decide to follow. And while this change sort of scares the heck out of us, they are just faces after all, and as it turns out, everybody's got them. (Also, if you choose, you can follow Sam here and Liz here.)

So there. Bombs dropped. Now, once you've composed yourself after positively reeling from the shock of these revelations, feel free to follow, or unfollow us on Instagram, change your address books from S & W to Sam and Liz (You do have address books in 2013, don't you? And we're in them, right???), and rest assured that even in these times of change our love for you, our friends and readers, is constant. Like a lighthouse. Or our love for Dairy Queen.

ox. Sam & Liz (Man, that feels good.)