Collage Lust.

You know those collages you often see on Pinterest where someone has put together the perrrfect outfit? The shoes go with the pants which goes with the blouse which goes with the jacket which goes with the scarf which goes with the jewelry and it's all SO good? I wish someone would create a kind of vending machine where you could flip through those collage images, you pick one, you insert a little cash, and out it all comes. 

Come on vending machine scientists! It's 2013! Also, if I'm wishin for stuff I would also like some sort of hair style vending machine too. Also, infinite wishes.

But, until my collage-outfit-vending-machine dreams come true, I suppose there are always cuuuute online shops like PersunMall where you can, you know, pick out your perf shoes/accessories/outfits separately if we have to, and then make a collage and/or buy the things in that collage, like this most perfect summer outfit Sam put together. It's so good that if my vending machine existed you bet your bottom dollar I would be putting my bottom dollar in said vending machine and buying it ALL. Beyond adorbs: 

Find it all here:
Bohemian Shirt // Gradient Skirt // Chain Necklace // Clutch // Metallic Flat

Happy Shopping!!
ox/Liz & Sam

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