On the Patio.

Top: c/o L.Mae Boutique
Jeans: ROSS 11.99
Shoes: ROSS 8.99
Necklace: Walmart 5.00

Yes. I took these pictures on my patio yet again, which, as you may have deciphered from these images, is quite spectacular. And, further adding to its glamour is the little detail in image 3, a sneak peek of the blinds my son likes to stick his face through multiple times a day, which is why they look soooo good. 

Sure, I sort of feel bad that the location of these outfit pics isn't better since I feel that a good neon top like this one deserves better than the cement and siding you see here. However, sometimes when you get dressed up to go out there isn't time to find a distressed-yet-modern alleyway, or a secret garden perfectly in bloom as a backdrop to pose pose pose by. So, sometimes you just gotta get those dang outfit pics taken on the back patio ASAP because I got dressed up and it's date night and the sitter is finally here, and holy-crap-we're-actually-free, and the date night clock is now ticking like a BOMB and I don't care how the pics turn out just TAKE them, and HURRY before the baby sees us through the window, now let's get outta heeeeerrre!!!!

So, ya. The patio it was. 
But hey, animal print and neon, at least? Right? Oh, you can't think about my outfit since you saw how ghetto my blinds are? I feel you. 

ox. W.