My mind is being blown.

Top: co/SammyDress
Skirt: eShakti $25 (after $20 new customer coupon, which is actually $30 right now!)
Wedges: DSW Gift
Necklace: Van Heusen $10

Happy Monday!

First off, let's talk about that whole wire-walking thing that went down on TV last night... BLEW MY MIND. Also, made me extremely sick to my stomach. Who else watched? Scariest thing ever, right?

In other news, this skirt I wore to church yesterday also blew my mind because it has all of my favorite things in a single item of clothing... stripes, pockets, pleats, body-flattering abilities, comfiness, fullness, and the perfect shape for twirling. THE perfect skirt.

Now feel free to comment about the wire walking saga -or- any item of clothing that is blowing your mind right now. I'd love to chat about either. Or both.

Have a great day!
xo, S