Don't go, June!

Top: c/o Oasap
Shorts: Walmart 13.99
Shoes: ROSS 14.99
Bag: c/o Daily Frills

I hate to say it, but June is almost over, folks. I can't understand this. Somehow February, the SHORTEST and most torturous month with its frigid days and lame non-holidays feels like it lasts 3 months, but once June, the Ryan Gosling of months, finally decides to make its appearance in the year, it lasts about 2 hours. HOW? Howwwww??

So, on this, the last week of June, I implore you, eat a snowcone. Eat a hotdog. Cook it over a fire if at ALL possible. Get your toes in some sand or a pool or a sprinkler in the grass. Go to a baseball game. Go on a hike. Go to a waterpark and go down all the slides. Put on lots of bright colors, and florals, and shorts and LIVE IT UP because I don't have to tell you that July and August are going to go just as fast as June and before you know it, we're stuck back in the trenches of February, the land where you have to scrape your car and it gets dark at 4pm and you are drowning in grey wool and you want to die.

So, shut your computer, get yourself outside, and go June it up.
But not before you comment. June may be almost over, but I still require validation.

ox. W