The Simple Life.

Shirt Dress: c/o SheInside
Leggings: ROSS 4.99
Necklace: Rue 21 6.99
Shoes: Hand-me-down from my Mama
Bag: Kohls 12.99

If you can't tell from these pictures, it is SO deliciously green and luscious here in Pennsylvania right now, I can barely handle the loveliness. Just the other day we had to get out in it and found ourselves on a drive through a little Amish community where kids were running through the grass in bonnets and suspenders and it was the brightest green and there were cherry blossom trees in bloom all around and a big red barn in the background and my head almost exploded at the majesty of it all.

It was so majestic, in fact, that I considered giving it all up for a simple Amish life in the most rural parts of Pennsylvania where we could run free in the green and eat by candlelight and learn to make Shoofly Pie and my kids could run along a path doing that thing you see kids do in Pioneer movies where they have a hoop that rolls around that they hit with a stick and who knows what the point of that is but it looks really rustic and lovely and simple. However, in the midst of my daydream I remembered that if I were Amish I couldn't wear fun shirt dresses in great colors with polka dot sleeves and a really good pair of wedges, and I like those things. A lot. Plus, I'm really into the TV show Revenge right now and I'm also not exactly sure what the Amish policy is on Diet Coke.

So for now I'm going to stick with the life I've got because it's pretty good, but I still think I'll learn how to make Shoofly Pie since it's PIE and we are that we might have joy. Obvi.