The Long and Short Of It.

Blouse: co/Oasap
Shorts: Shopko $18
Necklace: Rue21 $8
Wedges: ROSS $20

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about how to wear long shorts and not look/feel like a frump. Oh boy, do we understand this question. Long shorts are just one of those things that are a little bit difficult to get just right, but are such a necessity to the modest dresser in the summer. So, I have taken it upon myself to attempt to perfect long-short-styling, and in the process, I have come up with a couple of tips on how wear long shorts the right way. So, here is the long and short of it: (Get it? Like long, shorts, the subject of this post? YES I have been dying to type that.)

Tips on Wearing Long Shorts (according to the PLA)

Now, the real good stuff... where to buy shorts that follow these rules, each under $25.
1 - $17.60 at Kohl's (worn here in the 2nd to last picture)
2 - $13.44 at Walmart
 3 - $24.94 at Old Navy
 4 - $17.99 at Shopko (worn above... SO many good ones at Shopko)

Do you have any other tips for wearing long shorts? Any places you know that sell the perfect long shorts? Please share! Don't short us! (Yes, I could do short puns ALL DAY.)

xo, S