The Crib Vaulter.

Top: c/o SammyDress
Jeans: Kohls 6.99
Bag: DIY (find the tutorial here)
Shoes: Gift

Tomorrow is my son's first birthday. TOMORROW. I don't know whether I should throw myself a parade for surviving the whole dang thing, or try to squeeze him back in his newborn clothes and then hold him and cry. Mom life is the WEIRDEST. Either way, Baby R has turned out to be the coolest little thing and I love the heck out of everything he does. I am also certain that he is more special than any other child that has ever come to Earth, so there's that. Like I said, Mom life. Weird. 

Last night, that very almost 1 year old was crying in his room after I put him to bed. This is not unusual since bedtime for that baby is the worst kind of tragedy, but I decided to go in and check on him anyway. When I walked in my chest nearly imploded when I found him lying ON THE FLOOR, not in his crib where I had left him. This means that that wild kid (who cannot walk yet, btw) had somehow vaulted over the side of his very tall crib (whilst SWADDLED) and catapulted himself onto the floor. When I saw this I first, yelled at him for doing such a thing, then, after realizing that all of his body parts were still in tact, I laughed my head off. 

Isn't this scenario SO what motherhood or, just parenthood in general, is? Hurling yourself over what is essentially a cliff into the unknown abyss, just hoping everything's going to work out? And, the craziest part about the whole thing is that somehow it DOES, even though there is no way us dummies should be able to raise such perfect tiny humans. So. Crazy. 

So, thanks wild Baby R for the unexpected metaphor and for the sweetest year of my life. And Happy Mother's Day this weekend to all you Momma's. Go to the bathroom by yourself, finally get to that book you've been dying to read, and put on your sassiest floral pants and heels and get yourself an ice cream cone. You deserve it. 

ox. W