Summer Staples

Dress: co/SheInside
Hat: Old Navy $10
Sandals: Old Navy $15
Belt: Forever21 $3

We had the most amazing warm weather over the weekend, and this dress was perfect because it is essentially a belted chiffon mu-mu, which could keep anyone cool, calm, and collected even on the warmest of days. So, my tip to you? Get your hands on a chiffon mu-mu for summer. Okay, let's call it a chiffon dress so we don't feel gross. I am officially declaring it a summer staple... Lots of air flow. Nothing clinging to your bod. Easy to dress up or down. Summer. Staple.

What are your summer staples? What do you wear that keeps you comfy on summer days when the only solution seems to be continuous popsicle consumption and a cold shower? My warm-weather wardrobe needs some major TLC, so your tips are welcomed and encouraged. 

Have a great day!
xo, S

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