Pinned/Tried/Loved It: DIY Clay Statement Necklace

I must admit that this DIY intimidated me a bit when I first saw this pin that inspired it. Working with clay sounded a little out of my spray-paint-stuff-and-call-it-a-DIY craftiness scope. However, it was shockingly easy, and is essentially just playing with play-doh, resulting in a newly ignited urge to make a plethora of clay statement necklaces in every shape and color. 

Here's the supplies you need: (There are two. Like I said, you can handle this.)
-Any kind of bakeable polymer clay. I used Premo. It cost less that $2 on Amazon. 
-Jewelry Chain

1. Roll out the dough to your desired thickness with a rolling pin.
2. Use a knife to cut your clay into your desired shape

3. Use a pin to make holes to connect with your jewelry chain once the clay is baked.

4. Bake according to package instructions.
5. Connect pieces together with your jewelry chain...and you're done!!

Yep. This sucker cost about as much as a Happy Meal, was a piece of cake to make, and turned out to be as cute as heck. I pinned, I tried, and I looooved it. 

ox. W 

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