JSYK: Summer Tops for $7 or Less!

Yep. All of these little lovelies are $7 or under at SammyDress. Take a gander: 

1, 2 3, 4, 567, 8 9, 101112

Cute, right? That bird top needs me, and I NEED it. 

Now I KNOW what you thinking. The prices are too good to be true. You are scared of SammyDress. I get it. I've felt it. So, let's talk it out. You see, we have featured SammyDress clothes in a JSYK post before because their clothes are just too affordable. As a result, we received loooots of questions that I'll try to answer here about ordering clothes from them. First, no, SammyDress is not a scam and your money does not just go into a deep dark cyber pit somewhere. We have ordered clothes from them numerous times and never had an issue. Next, quality. Let's be real. If you are paying $6 for a blouse you can't REALLY expect it to look like it came from JCrew. That said, I have been mostly pleased with everything I have bought from them and have found the quality to be comparable to Forever21 and stores like it. Besides, these aren't clothes you are buying to be staples in your closets for 10 years. These are clothes that are on trend that you will wear while they are trendy, and yes, they will last for that duration. Plus, you paid $6 for that shirt! Lastly, I addressed shipping in our last post featuring SammyDress, which you can find here

So, go. Shop. Fill your closet with insanely affordable summer tops with no buyers remorse. You're gonna look CUTE. JSYK.