These Shoes.

Dress: c/o SheInside
Necklace: Ebay 9.99
Heels: Thrifted/DIY 3.00

So, these shoes I'm wearing? I painted them. They were once just a pair of sad brown pumps I picked up at a thrift store where they were calling out to me to give them new life, and I happily obliged. I have painted shoes before with spray paint and had success with it, but since I couldn't find mint spray paint anywhere, I decided to try the craft paint route with these ones. 

As is typical of many of my crafting conquests, I jumped into the project hastily and with very little forethought, resulting in a pair of shoes that LOOKED like they had been painted mint with craft paint. Catch my drift? Then, my husband (that guy is SO good), suggested he go to Walmart and get me a clear spray paint varnish. And he did. And it made all the difference. They were shiny. They were minty.  They were yummy. What. A. Guy. 

Therefore, I now give you my tutorial for DIY Painted Shoes (get ready to pin this sucker, folks):
1. Find an old pair of shoes in your closet or at a thrift store. 
2. Paint them with craft paint. (It will not look good.)
3. Get a good husband who is really smart. 
4. Hope that he will know what to do to fix your shoes, and that he will do that thing. 
5. Wear your shoes. 

If you would like a printable version of these instructions, you may email me.
In the subject line please include the phrase "Best shoe DIY ever." 

Also, you're welcome.