The Unicorn Dress.

Dress: c/o Mikarose
Shoes: c/o SammyDress
Bracelets: gift 
Belt: Kohls 4.99

 Things that are like seeing a unicorn:

-Children actually going right to sleep when you put them in their crib/tuck them in at night.

-A Pinterest cookie recipe that says there is no sugar/butter/flour and actually tastes/looks like a cookie meant for human consumption.

-No line at Cafe Rio on a weekend night.

-Checking my FB feed and not seeing something that makes me want to throw my computer out the window from that one person who always annoys me with their posts but I just can't bring myself to defriend. I can't explain it, but OH the rage. You know you ALL have one.

-A dress that is modest without needing to be layered AND has pockets. Today's dress!

Yes indeed, I hereby label this dress as my unicorn dress. Modest all on it's own, and pockets (Think of the candy you could smuggle into that wedding/church meeting/other dressy candy-less event. THINK.) This dress is money in the bank, and since the "money-in-the-bank-dress" doesn't really roll of the tongue as easily, the unicorn dress it is.

What is your style unicorn? Finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly? A button-up blouse that doesn't gap and tug? Ok. I guess I have more than one myself. You go.