The New YOLO.

Yesterday I...

Did not use a hairbrush. 
Ate Cadbury Mini Eggs for breakfast. 
Got back in bed every time my baby got back in bed (3 times). 
Pulled everything out of a closet intending to clean it, then put everything right back in. 

Like they say...OWAPL. 

Shirt: c/o The Printed Palette
Jacket: Thrifted $3.50
Skirt: TJMaxx $13.99
Necklace: Rue21 $6.99

Wait, you haven't heard OWAPL? Well, allow me to update you. It's "One wild and precious life," and it's pretty much the new YOLO. All the cool kids are saying it. Probably since it really rolls off the tongue. 

I can hardly imagine how glad you must be that you clicked over here today so that we could help you become versed in what is hip. Here at PLA you can always count on us to be on the forefront of all the trends, such as the coolest new slang. 

And now, my work here is done. Booyah. 
(Wait. People don't say booyah anymore? Nooo.)


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