Flora and Fauna.

Necklace: co/Tripp Boutique
Shoes: co/Footzyfolds
Shirt: Thrifted $4
Pants: ROSS $17

Well, you know what they say: "April showers bring May flowers!" And while here in Utah that saying is a LIE and and should say "April snowstorms might bring May flowers, but probably not, so don't count on it," I am still gonna bust out the flowers...on my pants. Because I might not be seeing any actual flowers in these parts until June, and because I think the floral pant trend is the loveliest.

Will you be wearing any flora and fauna on your pants this spring/summer? Or were you going to, but since I used the phrase 'flora and fauna' in relation to the trend, have you subsequently decided you are going to stay far, far away from anything that resembles it? Do tell.

xo/ S

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