You. Guys. Look at what my style-blogger icon, the flawless Blair of Atlantic-Pacific was wearing on her blog yesterday:


Annnddd...look at what I was wearing:

Blouse: Gift
Dress: Old Navy $12
Belt: $0 (Free with another outfit)
Necklace: Kohls $8
Booties: MakeMeChic $32
Tights: Target $5

Spooky, right? We DIDN'T even plan it and you can HARDLY tell who is who!!!!

I mean, sure, Blair's is the fancy girl version, you know, the kind where you actually spend more than $12 on a piece of clothing, but I still think the idea that we are basically the Olsen Twins is sound. For example, although you can't see it, I, like Blair, also possess ridiculously perfect, out-of-this-world chiseled legs. I just choose to hide mine under tights so as not to make the world jealous.

Next to my legs, my humility is surely my best feature.

What are you wearing today?

ox. W