Pinned/Tried/Loved It: Easter EGGstravaganza

Our Pinterest feed has been jam-packed with Easter egg decorating ideas lately. Some look doable, and then some use GOLD LEAF to make a MAP OF THE WORLD on an EGG. Pinterest, you cray. 

So, I decided to try out a few of them for myself to see which were normal-people friendly, and which you have to be Frida Kahlo to perform successfully. Ready? It's gonna be real EGGciting! (Yes, there will be egg puns riddled throughout the post. Buckle up.)

1. Mod Podge + Napkins

This looked harder than it actually was, which is my favorite thing. I love looking fancy without actually being fancy. All it took was some cute napkins from Target, a little mod podge, and these pretty little eggs were born. You could also use tissue paper to do this, so the design possibilities are endless! This method I recommend. Find the original pin and the tutorial here

2. Hand-Painted

The pin that inspired this one was so cute, but when I tried their method my eggs looked nothing like their precious hand-painted eggs, it looked more like blobs of paint on eggs. So, I took their idea of hand painting the eggs, and changed the technique, cutting up painter's tape to make some fool-proof geometric shapes then painting them in. Doing it this way turned out to be a piece of cake, and is perfect for you if the thought of trying to paint a circle with a paintbrush breaks your brain. Find the pin I used for inspiration here

3. Bleed Tissue Dye

On the post for this one there is a picture of a toddler helping to make them. This gave me confidence. As a result I got over confident and didn't read the directions fully and used normal tissue paper on the first batch instead of bleeding tissue paper. It didn't work. However, the second batch with the right supplies was a cinch, and I showed that toddler who's boss. Super cute and beyond easy. Here is the original pin and tutorial.

4. Butterfly Stickers.

My original inspiration for these eggs were eggs with butterfly temporary tattoos on the eggs. They looked awesome. I got excited. Then I read the instructions, which included ordering temporary tattoo paper, finding images of vintage butterflies, etc., etc. So instead, I found these adorbs butterfly stickers at Michael's (Martha Stewart aisle, the mecca of all craft store aisles), dyed the eggs with normal dollar store egg dye, then stuck those suckers on. Do it my way unless you've got temporary tattoo paper just lying around, that is. Find the pin I used for inspiration here.

5. Onion Skins + Plants

This method isn't new to me, as my husband's family actually dyes their eggs with onion skins every year and it is super cool. And, although it might seem complicated, it is surprisingly easy, and just takes some preparation and patience. For ours, we pick flowers and weeds from outside, attach them to raw eggs by wrapping them with string, and then boil them in the onion dye to make the designs on the outside. If you have older kids in your family this is a fun method that produces a really different kind of Easter egg. I recommend! Find the pin and tutorial here

Told ya. Major EGGstravanza!

Now, go get your egg decorating on and be sure you report back! I'd love to hear your successes, and how many eggs you blow up in the microwave trying to save time (I only did this once, but let me tell you, the sound scared me so bad I thought we were being bombed. I was ready to meet my maker). 

Have an EGGcellent day!!

ox. W