Hair Talk.

Top: co/SheInside
Pants: Old Navy $19
Booties: $32
Necklace: Van Heusen Outlet $8

There's so much to discuss today. Did you have a good weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? Jennifer Lawrence fell down. Can you believe? I blame her gigantic dress that looked like it wanted to eat her. However, her fall only further cements my theory that we are kindred spirits. She can fall all she wants and I'll still think she's cool. Plus, I happen to love to watch people fall down, so there's that.

But first things first, that, up there? Well, that's a picture of my head. A picture of my hair, even. A picture of my dirty ponytail hair. Please don't judge me. Or do. I deserve it. Today probably wasn't the best day to reveal my head to you, but you know how we feel about being real on this blog. And if we're being real, you should know that sometimes (okay most of the time) I pull my hair back. Because I am lazy. And because I don't have Reese Witherspoon's hairstylist. (Did you see her hair last night? It was perfect. I wanted to shrink myself down and go swimming in it. It was so luscious.)

So, in relation to not having Reese Witherspoon hair, I will now selfishly use this post to pick your brains. I wanna know, what are YOUR solutions for dirty hair days? While my obvious fallback is the pony tail, I'm sure you savvy readers have other lazy girl hair tricks up your sleeves. What are your go to tips for a less-than-movie-star-hair day? Products? Styles? Give it up. Talk to me.

Also...Oscar best/worst dressed? You KNOW we gotta talk about this. GO.