The Cool Coat.

Coat: c/o SheInside, Scarf: ROSS 4.99, Belt: Thrifed .99, Jeans: Kohls 14.99, 
Shoes: UrbanOG 29.00, Bag: c/o Daily Frills

I looove this coat. It has suede on it. I call it my cool coat. 

Do you have a cool coat? If not, you need one, because the best part about having a cool coat is that you can put it on whenever, wherever, over whatever and people will still think you look cool. Need to go to the grocery store? Still in your 2003 girls camp t-shirt that you slept in last night? No biggie. Just put your cool coat over it on go, baby. Did your baby just spew all over you but you gotta run into the office real fast? Spew-Shmew. Just put your cool coat over it. You see, when you have a cool coat on, everyone will surely think you've got it together on the surface even if you've got a spew situation going on underneath. 

Now, if only my cool coat could do something about my homework, my non-sleeper of a baby, and my dirty house.

...Come to think of it, there are other cool things we can turn to to find respite in these scenarios. Literally. Like milkshakes. Problem solved.

ox/ W. 


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